QDAC Systems Inc. (QDAC) designs and supplies intelligent data acquisition solutions for easy, accurate and high resolution sensing of physical phenomena such as temperature, pressure, acceleration, current and electromagnetism. QDAC sells electronic hardware products, provides supporting engineering design services, and licenses its patented technology architecture to OEMS and sensor manufacturers, for a diverse range of data acquisition problems such as those found in resource exploration (geophysical surveys, resource monitoring), aerospace (navigation, system monitoring and control) and industrial process control (petro-chemical processing, robotic control). Using patented technology, with its heritage from space based systems (International Space Station), QDAC solutions provide 10-100 times better performance, is 2-5 times less complex to implement, and is 5-10 times easier to use than existing data acquisition systems. QDAC’s disruptive and patented technology provides unparalleled performance, resolution, simplicity, and affordability. QDAC’s disruptive technology represents the next generation in data acquisition and has the potential to become the industry’s new standard.

QDAC is founded by Bjarni Tryggvason, who has over 30 years experience in advanced technology research and development related to vibration control, aerodynamics, applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, and associated data acquisition electronic systems design. He is one of the original 6 Canadian astronauts who supported many Space Shuttle and International Space Station projects and who in 1997 flew as a payload specialist aboard Space Shuttle Discovery STS-85. Mr. Tryggvason is the recipient of CSA Innovators Award, the NASA Space Flight Medal 1997, and the Order of the Falcon from Iceland. He has written more than 50 published papers and holds six patents. Mr. Tryggvason is also a visiting part-time professor at the University of Western Ontario.